Most people confess to me that they are rather self-conscious when public speaking. In other words, they are habitually focused on themselves instead of their audience. Their inner monologue chatters away, “Do I look nervous? Am I remembering everything? Why is my mouth so dry?!” Have you been there? It’s no fun…for anyone. If your attention is inward, then it’s nearly impossible to get out of your head! So, how can you break this tricky habit? In today’s video, I give you permission to play, and tune in to the present moment. In three simple steps you will have the key to quieting your mind, recharging your batteries, so you can ignite the interest of the lucky person listening to you.

What awesome thing are you going to do this week to relax? Please post. (Psst… You have a better shot of actually doing it when you put it in writing, so go for it!)

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