Now, as you likely know, I adore people. When I meet someone who naturally exudes warmth, kindness and positivity, I simply have to share. Today you have the pleasure of meeting Anulika, an amazing nurse at the Minute Clinic, a drop-in healthcare facility inside CVS pharmacies.

In the video, you’ll hear her insights about how she stays positive while treating people in pain and how her attitude shapes her perspective about the world we live in. I hope she inspires you as much as she inspired me.

In the face of so many controversies and real-world challenges, we have the ability to remember that we are all people who deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. We are in this together, despite what the media would like us to believe. Today I invite you to take a moment to appreciate someone in your life that lights you up.


PS: Do you know someone that you would like to feature in my Real People Lit Up series? Go ahead and record a video and send it my way!

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