Wow, the world seems like a polarized place these days, no? The media just loves to convince us that we are more different than we are alike. While that may make for good ratings, it also happens to make most of us miserable.

Sure, you’re not going to like everyone you meet and since it takes 3 seconds to make a first impression, you likely jump to some quick conclusions about who’s a friend or who’s a foe, but looks can be deceiving.

In today’s video, I’m going to share my secret to dealing with tough people. It’s a simple trick I learned from mother nature. When we can see through tough exteriors, we open up the possibility for connection, compassion and cooperation. And let’s face it, we need that more than ever and being judgmental is exhausting!


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PS: If you haven’t seen the Heineken commercial I mentioned, you can check it out here.

PPS: Have a fabulous day. You deserve it.

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