Doesn’t it feel nice to be acknowledged and appreciated for the things you do? I love it when my kids say thank you. I light up when a friend compliments a new haircut or thanks me for a thoughtful gesture. It feels awesome to look at an audience and see smiles and nods of agreement.

But sometimes, those simple gestures just don’t happen. And that doesn’t particularly feel good.

But here’s the thing. Waiting for approval from others is a very passive way to give yourself something you naturally (and rightfully) crave. A few months back, I got some incredible advice from my friend Lisa Greenfield of Truth in Hand. I’m not sure why we think we need to wait for the things we want… But we don’t have to wait any longer. In this video, I’m sharing a simple, daily practice that will satisfy the hungriest of souls. It’s time to give yourself the credit you deserve!


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