A friend of mine named Lisa Greenfield once gave me amazing advice. She said that all human beings long to feel recognized and acknowledged – for when we’ve done a good job, but typically we walk around without receiving the acknowledgment and recognition that we crave – and if you spend your life waiting for it, you’ll be left in a state of wanting. 

Loving yourself is always the right move – it’s so important to recognize, acknowledge, and feel good about yourself. Easier said than done? Nope, it’s just as easy as it sounds:

Every day when you brush your teeth, take a moment, and talk to yourself in the mirror! Pause and acknowledge yourself and say all the things you need to hear. 

*brush brush brush* “You did great today. You walked into that room and gave such an amazing presentation.” 

*brush brush brush* “And you still remembered Linda’s birthday! And you were super funny at dinner. You crushed it today.” 

Or at the start of your day:

*brush brush brush* “You’re about to impress everyone at work with that new idea. You’re totally ready.”

*brush brush brush* “You are going to crush that workout tonight! You got this.”

Whether it’s at the beginning or the end of the day, this kind of pep talk in the mirror is an actual mood boost, because it satisfies a fundamental and human need.

Why wait? Make yourself happy, don’t wait around for someone else to give you a magical stamp of approval. You were born awesome – and when you acknowledge it, you own your power. 

And guess what else? When you feel good, you’re more available to give that love away to other people. When your belly is full of appreciation, nobody goes hungry for it around you – you can give that kind of acknowledgment and love away too. 

So start your day with love, and end it the same way. Look into your own eyes, and appreciate and fully acknowledge yourself for what you do and who you are. A little self-pep-talk goes a LONG way.

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