Did you know that more people fear public speaking than death? Seriously! Given the choice between exiting the planet and standing up in front of an audience, a great many individuals would choose departure. Imagine that. But did you know that this fear can be conquered quickly and painlessly?  Over the years I have helped clients release their anxiety, inhibitions and doubt around public speaking using remarkable energy psychology techniques that I learned from esteemed psychiatrist and author, Daphna Slonim, MD. She has helped countless people release their fears and subconscious blocks that have been limiting their potential. At long last we have teamed up to create How to Release Your Fear of Public Speaking. We discuss and then demonstrate how you can transform years of stage fright into calm and confidence.

If you have silently suffered from the hesitation and insecurity around sharing your voice, then I invite you to release this fear once and for all.  You deserve to speak effortlessly in any situation, to be bold and brilliant in the limelight and have your inner voice say “YES!” when opportunities come a knockin’.  


If you really want to take your speaking skills to the next level and reach your goals – I am also available for Private Coaching!

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