The Christmas holidays are upon us and for those of you who celebrate, you will likely be pulling out your Smartphone to take tons of pictures throughout this festive time. Between family gatherings, tree trimming parties and the office soiree there will be lots of opportunities to click away.

Now, I’m all for photos, don’t get me wrong. I have thousands of them to sort through on my computer. The question is, how many times do you put a screen between yourself and the precious moment you wish to capture? When I went to a Prince concert recently, there was a reason he told everyone to put their smartphones away. Music is a live EXPERIENCE.

This week’s video is a wee reminder about the power of getting present with the ones you love. When you slow down and connect with intention, you experience life in its fullest glory. Watch and see how easy it is to really get present.

I’ve written about this before here. I’m again reiterating the importance of being “in the room.” You have to be observant, aware, and in the world – not on the phone!  

Sometimes, that’s all it takes. As much as we all love our smartphones and social media, sometimes we just have to stop ourselves, and be truly present. It’s not how you capture the moment on your smartphone camera or your Twitter feed – it’s how you experience and capture it in your heart and spirit. “Don’t worry. You have enough pictures.” 

How do you feel about this? Tell me more about how you stay grounded and connected in the comments below!


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