I love Diana Nyad. I heard her speak a few years ago and her spirit ignited the room. She was funny, passionate, honest and utterly captivating. She had just turned 60 and was fueled by the notion of swimming from Cuba to Florida, without the aid of a shark cage. She, and many others, had attempted this 100 mile feat to no avail. Her last attempt had been in her 20’s when she was already a very accomplished swimmer. Last year her vision became a reality. After FIVE attempts, she reached the shore, 52 hours in the water, 64 years of age. A jaw-dropping accomplishment. This week I feature her story, not simply for the sheer awe of what she achieved but because she so clearly articulates the power of the human spirit. She is a born leader with a beautiful soul, a dry wit and a message that that will inspire you to DREAM BIG. Watch her TED Talk below!

So, what’s your dream for this year? What have you longed to achieve? Please share your thoughts here. I will be making a special announcement soon. I believe that together we can break through invisible barriers to make our dreams a reality. Are you ready to step into the water and swim with me?


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