Do you ever feel like you’re a slave to your to-do list?  I did.  (Please note my use of the past tense!) In an effort to keep all those balls in the air, I was constantly making notes of all the things that needed to get done…for my work, for the house, for the kids, for myself…my lists went on and on.  As I scurried about my day diligently scratching things off, I found myself longing for the moment when the tasks were completed and I could sit down and breathe a sigh of relief.  Funny thing, more often than not, that moment never came.

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend a lecture by Deepak Chopra at the Drucker Business Forum in downtown Los Angeles.  He was discussing his latest book, “The Soul of Leadership”. There were countless insights he conveyed, but one message in particular really struck a chord with me.

We are human beings.  Not human doings.

Deepak Chopra in conversation with Lisa Napoli from Ted Habte-Gabr on Vimeo.

I had lived my life believing that my productivity during the day would logically create a successful outcome, be it my business, my family, my tidy household, etc…but I was neglecting the power of letting go and allowing the universe to support the desires I wished to manifest.

Deepak Chopra reminded me that it’s really in the BEING where the “magic” of life occurs.  We are BEING when we take the time to stop and tune into the world around us. We are BEING when we allow our bodies to relax and simply be present. The universe IS supporting us when we consciously engage in activities that nourish our soul, whether it’s doing a crossword puzzle or taking a walk on the beach or simply sitting on the grass.  It’s in the BEING that allows us to enter that quiet, magnificent space where we can reconnect with our higher self, touch the source of creativity and find that ephemeral sense of balance. If I make one resolution in 2011 it will be to dedicate time each and every week to this activity (oddly enough it’s something I’m putting on my to-do list!) but perhaps I will leave the cleaning of the house for later.

Do you allow yourself to focus on just “being”? Do you make time for you? It’s really important to recharge your battery. Tell me what yo do to feed your soul!

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