Have you ever met someone who you instantly adored? Their demeanor just drew you in and they made you feel like you were the most interesting person in the room? I have. In fact, every person who has shared this unique ability had a few things in common…a relaxed nature, a curiosity about the world around them, and an ability to connect. In short, they never made the conversation about THEM. They GAVE of themselves…by listening, by asking questions and by being PRESENT.

The other thing those magnificent individuals had in common was ENERGY. It takes energy to give of oneself. It takes energy to be present. It takes energy to want to connect with another person. If you always feel too tired, too nervous, or too fearful, you are simply getting in your own way.

Now, I am as guilty as the next over-achiever of putting too many things on my to-do list, but I have learned that life is no fun if you are exhausted. Sleep. Eight hours is ideal, but if you’re used to getting closer to six, there are other ways to recharge the batteries.

Here are a few I like:

1. Take a stroll. I mean it…a stroll…not run an errand on foot. Just take a slow walk through the neighborhood, enjoying the simple sights around you. No goals, no calories to burn, just take some time to chill out, move your body and breathe.

2. Catch a flick. Mid-week movie…what?! Yes, you are not solving the ballooning debt crisis. I would imagine that you can probably spare a few hours for a solo mission to the movie theater. No guilt required. Just try it…it’s kinda delicious.

3. Read a Rag Mag. For those of you who dive for the tired People Magazine at your dentist’s office (but wouldn’t dare have a subscription), make a date with yourself to purchase some light-weight magazine fare, grab a snack and devote an hour to indulging yourself in the latest scoop.

4. Audio Books. When you live in Los Angeles, it’s a given that you will be spending quite a bit of time in your car, so instead of making a ton of calls (hands-free, of course!) listen to a book on CD. Allow yourself to get carried away on a journey while you negotiate the hubbub of the city streets.

5. Stop and Sit. Take a few minutes each day to sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, connect with your heart and breathe. If at all possible, try not to engage your thoughts. Sitting and breathing will help your body release some tension that has been storing up throughout the day.

So, why is this “me-time” so important? When you take the time to nurture yourself, you feel full and refreshed. Your body and mind are satisfied so you do not need to seek energy from other people. Believe me, when you give, you will get so much more. But you need to take care of yourself first.

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