Has anyone ever given you the advice to “just be yourself”? Sounds simple, right? But what does that really mean and how do you actually DO IT?!

Let’s face it, we all feel self-conscious from time to time. It’s totally normal.

Whether it’s that nagging voice in your head that is louder than the conversation you are trying to listen to, or wondering what you should do with your hands when you are speaking on stage, it’s exhausting to try and ACT like you are confident and calm when secretly you are doubting yourself.

In today’s video I am offering you the key to releasing your self-consciousness so you can start showing up in life as the amazing person you already are. It’s MUCH EASIER to be you, than to pretend you are someone else. And besides, there is only one YOU! That’s who we want to meet, right? Not someone pretending to be someone else.

I have played lots of characters in my other job as an actress, but when it came to really expressing myself as ME, I knew I needed another approach. This one simple shift helped me find my own voice as a teacher and I’ve never looked back…

Remember… You. Are. Awesome. 

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