Happy summer! It’s July and I hope you are finding time to play, relax and have an adventure or two. My family and I just returned from an incredible camping trip up and down the coast of California in our new Shasta Airflyte 1961 Reissue travel trailer. You see, many years ago I had this dream of spending my summers touring our beautiful country with my two boys in tow. While I love camping in tents (for very short periods of time!), I really wanted to create a way to both enjoy summer while keeping my business thriving. Yep, I’m becoming a part-time digital nomad!

As you know, in addition to teaching you skills to build your confidence and speak up effortlessly, I am committed to helping you express yourself on camera. Making videos is EASY (even with your smartphone!) once you know how. Today’s video is the perfect example of a simple how-to video… no lights, no special microphone, no make-up.  Just me, in the morning, demonstrating how to make the perfect cup of coffee using an Aeropress while my husband films using my iPhone. So simple.

Life really is an adventure and when you can overcome your hesitation, tap into your creativity and allow yourself to lighten up a bit, there really is no telling what you can do!

Here’s to making the perfect cup (and video), no matter where you are.

Bottoms up!

PS:  I have a very special announcement at the end, so be sure to watch the entire video. ; )

PPS: If you are really longing to overcome your fear / make that first awesome video / create an awesome pitch / build unstoppable confidence then why not schedule a 360 session with me? This 90 minute private training will give you the laser focused attention you need to elevate your speaking game once and for all. I am opening up 3 SPOTS ONLY this summer. Sessions must be used before August 31st.  Use the code: SUMMER and get $50 off.  First come, first served. Grab yours here.

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