Here is the US, it’s Father’s Day on Sunday. As luck would have it, I stumbled upon a video that offered the perfect opportunity to connect a wee bit deeper with the fellas in your life. I know it can be a challenge to overcome your self-consciousness when you’re speaking your truth, but it’s worth it.

We don’t really know how long we are going to be dancing on this planet. In fact, the only thing certain in our lives is that we are leaving, all of us, at one point or another. So, since we are here now, in this time and place, with individuals who have shaped our lives, why not take a moment to pause and acknowledge them – and have them acknowledge you? I know, it can be tough to look someone in the eye, but when you do, you connect on a deeper level.

Tell people how you feel. Tell them now. It matters.

PS: If the mere thought of doing this makes your heart beat just a bit faster, you can do this cool trick to get calm and grounded easily. It works!

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