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Tips for Creating Your Outgoing Voicemail Message

It’s raining here in Santa Monica! Hip Hip!! We have been in a drought for so long that it would take many months of steady rain to make up for the sinking groundwater, but I am so grateful to mother nature. When it rains it feels like a new beginning. Washing out the pollution in the air and giving us all a much-needed, thirst-quenching rejuvenation. Ahhhhhhhh…

You know what else needs a new beginning? Your OUTGOING VOICEMAIL MESSAGE! That’s right! Let’s face it, when was the last time you heard the message on your voicemail? You probably recorded it ages ago and you maybe even left those dreaded, crazy obvious instructions… “Please leave a message at the beep.” 

News flash. We KNOW how it works!

Instead of recording the same old-same old, why not get creative? In today’s video I share some easy tips to make your FIRST ENCOUNTER with a caller memorable. Remember, all forms of communication are a great opportunity to brighten someone’s day or make an amazing first impression.


PS: In the video I mention a great article by Jack Busch, Getting Over Phone Anxiety. He interviewed me a few months ago and I was really impressed by his take on our conversation. If you feel some jitters when chatting on the phone, then by all means give it a read.

While you’re doing that, I’ll likely be doing this.

Alexa Fischer

Meet Alexa Fischer

Wishbeads founder Alexa Fischer is an actress, teacher, author, and speaker whose work helps people go after their dreams, build their confidence, and break free from fear. It’s time to ignite your light.


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