Here is the U.S., we celebrated Martin Luther King,Jr. Day this past Monday to honor the man who devoted his life to educating others about the equality of all individuals, no matter the race. Coincidentally, this week the Oscar nominations were announced and – lo and behold – not a single actor of color was named in all four acting categories.


All this talk about diversity gave me pause to consider what diversity really means and how it relates to you and me on a daily basis. I don’t know if you have ever heard the phrase, “birds of a feather flock together”, but essentially it echoes the idea that as humans we tend to stick to people that are just like us. Why? Maybe it subconsciously makes us feel safer. Makes us feel less judged. Makes us feel like we can be easily understood. But what is the cost?

My dear friend, Ellen Lubin-Sherman, talks about the importance of your personal bandwidth in her book, The Essentials of Fabulous: Because Whatever Doesn’t Work Here Anymore. This term “bandwidth” can relate to how much you can take on, but it can also refer to how many different types of people you can relate to. Interesting, no?

In today’s video, I tackle the idea that diversity is so much more than having variety of people around you. Diversity in action is the ability to experience people from all walks of life. It develops empathy, grows your personal influence, expands your community and makes you feel connected to the world.

So, dive into today’s episode and discover the secret to embracing diversity in an entirely new way.

People are amazing. Go and see for yourself.


PS: Last week’s Periscope was crazy FUN! (In addition to answering questions about getting comfortable on camera, I even did some accents!) The truth is I may have found my favorite new social media platform. I’ll be hosting another one this Friday morning at 10am PST. If you’re new to Periscope, no worries. It’s super simple. Here’s are the instructions how to join.¬†Once you download the app, search my name and connect. Once I go live, you’ll be notified right on your phone!

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