Happy holidays!

In addition to fruitcake and yule logs and piles of presents, the holidays bring well-meaning and frequently spectacularly nosy friends, neighbors, and relatives. Before you can say ‘eggnog and mistletoe’ someone’s asking you about your weight, your partner’s salary, that rumor about your sister, and if those candlesticks are real crystal.

Ooof. But before you bury your head in the stuffing, know that you can handle all that busy-body-ing with grace and ease and the three tips I share in today’s video.

In the comments below, tell me: what’s the most awkward, inappropriate question someone ever asked you?
I’ll go first: I’m regularly asked if this is my real eye color. To which I say …. well, your eyes are gorgeous, too! 😉

P.S. Know someone with particularly nosy in-laws or holiday guests? Send ’em a link to this video!

P.P.S. Looking for a few new insights for how to tackle difficult conversations? Grab the free ebook here!

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