It’s with a heavy heart I write to you today. It’s seems that the news of late has been all too overwhelming. Terrorist attacks around the globe, innocent men killed by police and then police officers gunned down while watching a peaceful protest.

If you’re like me, then you’ve asked yourself, “What is going on?!?!”

The world seems confused. Very confused about the preciousness of life – all lives – all over the world.

Today I’m sharing my secret to staying clear-headed among all the chaos. The events around us, the political polarization are all reflections of society. You and me included.

We need to take a moment and see if we can be part of the solution.


PS: My friend Sarah Von Bargen put together an incredible list of resources of things you can DO to take action in light of the recent events. Contact your representatives. Donate to worthy causes. Show up and share your support. The world needs your light.

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