Authenticity. What does that even mean anyway? I’m guilty of using the term in my work, with my clients and in my courses.

Our true self.

Not the airbrushed, fake version of who we think others want us to be.



Connected to who we are and what we want.

But aren’t we different things for different people?

Let me share what the one and only Seth Godin had to say about authenticity.

I had the pleasure of seeing him speak at the UdemyLive conference this past weekend. He’s a huge hero of mine and the marketing guru I go to when I’m cooking up big ideas to change the world.

He’s smart. He’s humble. He’s totally committed to making things that matter.

Here’s a clip from his 90 minute master class with us. If you are not familiar with his work, do yourself a favor and pick up one of his 17 best-sellers. His words will change your life.

They did for me.

When we had a chance to connect before he took the stage, I was humbled and amazed that he loved my latest endeavor, Wishbeads – so much so that he asked to wear my Wishbeads bracelet!!!

(It’s right there on his right wrist!)

Bottom line, friends. Don’t give up. Go after what you want in life. Take small meaningful steps and don’t worry about the pitfalls along the way.

Keep going. It matters more than you know!

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