Wow… It’s been a whirlwind of a week. Thanks to all the generous support of friends, family, clients, fans and even total strangers, I have made great strides in my Kickstarter campaign for my latest product, Wishbeads. I am humbled and so very grateful that this wish of mine is very nearly becoming a reality.

Just so you know… My wish to to empower people, everywhere.

There is something very powerful about speaking your truth. It’s scary for sure… All kinds of voices pop up in your head like, “What if this doesn’t work out? What will people think about this idea? What if I fail?”

You know that voice, right?

But then, you think, “Ya know what? Even if that happens, I’ll survive. The pain will pass. The doubt will subside and I’ll keep going anyway.”

True enough.

So today I invite you to pause your day-to-day routine and ask yourself what’s ONE THING you can take action on today? What’s one tiny step you can take towards your dream? There is crazy magic in stating what you really want in life.

When you say it, you can become it. It’s true.

You may be wondering what your life’s purpose is? You may want to have better conversations, or maybe you long to deliver an amazing TED talk?¬†Whatever your dream is, you just need to say it, then take tiny actions steps.

Seriously. That’s it.

So be brave. Say what you want to yourself. Say it to someone you love. Say it here in the comments on the blog.

Just say it.

And let the magic unfold… Today I’m sharing the very true story of how a recent wish came true. Let me show you just one example of Wishbeads in action. Enjoy!


PS: So, what’s YOUR wish! Let us know in the comments below! Even a little wish counts!

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