I guess the world needed a giant belly laugh! If you haven’t heard of the Texas mother who purchased a Chewbacca mask for herself in honor of her birthday, you MUST do yourself a favor and watch her hilarious, joyful video about the pleasures of the simple things in life. With 131 million views and counting, you can see for yourself that energy is contagious.

I was laughing so hard, I was crying. Seriously.

Which brings me to today’s video! Our bodies are comprised of various layers, one of which is physical, the others are non-physical, or energetic. These energy fields radiate information in addition to absorbing the energy around them. Have you ever experienced your mood shift the moment an angry person walks into the room? That’s your energy body picking up the vibes of their energy body. On the flip side, I dare you not to laugh watching the Chewbacca Mom’s video. Her energy is crazy contagious!

I often share energy medicine techniques with my private clients and in some of my courses. This work seems so simple and yet it can completely alter one’s ability to stay balanced, focused and positive no matter what challenges come your way. Just as your body requires physical medicine when you are ill, your energy body needs some help to stay healthy.

Donna Eden is a pioneer in the world of Energy Medicine and her morning ritual is a quick routine that can get your energy balanced before starting your day.

Imagine that. A simple, short, free and easy technique to help you feel better instantly. You’re welcome!

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