This week I returned from a glorious trip to the redwoods with my family. After many long walks under canopies of ancient trees, I remembered something.

It all counts.

You see, many times I’ve questioned the journey I’ve taken to get me right where I am. Why did I spend so much time as an actress? Why did I not start my business earlier? Why did this project or that project not go as expected?

As you likely know, I wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign for Wishbeads a few weeks ago, but did you know that was one of MANY projects that I’ve created over the years? I’ve developed children’s shows, giftware kits, even a concept for spas in airports! I’ve had loads of ideas that never left the “shelf”, but that doesn’t mean the countless hours I worked on them didn’t matter.

All that work got me right where I am today.

Which brings me back to the redwood forest.

Those trees have been there hundreds of years. They grow as tall as skyscrapers and at some point they fall, but their story doesn’t end there.

The fallen wood brings new life to the forest floor. The rich nutrients become part of the delicate ecosystem. The fertile ground creates new possibilities.

Things die. Other things are reborn. All things are connected.

Now back to you and me.

We are doing our important work. Even when we screw up. Even when we succeed. Even when we try and fail.

It all counts as part of our glorious journey, whether we see the fruits of our efforts or not. It all counts.

Next week I’ll be back with more practical tips on sharing your best and brightest self, but today I couldn’t help but share a wee bit of wisdom whispered from the ancient trees.

Be well and go spend some time in nature if you can. This week’s video features some highlights from my trip. Enjoy!


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