Why is it that people wait for funerals to share how a person had truly impacted their life? Seriously! Think about who you would like to thank in your life. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to get a phone call, out of the blue, from an old elementary school friend that told you how the fact that you saved her a place at the lunch table day-after-day gave her the confidence to go for her MBA? The point is, your actions matter. When you lend a hand, speak up for someone in need, or make someone smile, you send a ripple of goodness throughout the world. This week I want to share a lovely TEDx video by Drew Dudley, entitled Everyday Leadership. Take a few minutes to watch and get inspired. Would you consider yourself a leader? (Fingers crossed, you said yes!)

Take a moment and think about how you can use your natural leadership qualities, or develop them, to reach your goals!

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