Life is hectic. It’s challenging enough to get through the day-to-day activities that it’s no wonder we rarely stop to acknowledge the people who have helped us along the way. We may inwardly appreciate their love and support, their guidance and compassion, but most of the time we are simply too caught up in the busyness of life to pause and reflect. With the Academy Awards coming up I asked myself, if I were to get an opportunity to step onto that world stage, who would I thank?

This week I invite you to pause, and take a moment to imagine your acceptance speech. You are being awarded the statuette for fabulousness. (You may substitute for any more specific award you wish!). Now, dig deep and think about those unsung heroes that made you who you are today.  Those bright and shiny people that guided you when you were lost and gave you courage when you wavered.  Formulate your thoughts into words and jot them down on paper. Finally, I invite you to take this one step further. What would happen if you actually sent them a note telling them how you feel?  What if you picked up the phone and called them today?  What if you told them in person?

Life is full of delicious moments but you need not wait for a golden statue to give the best gift of all… gratitude.  You are already a winner.  We all are.  When you appreciate the help you have received, the more you will be motivated to give. And that is golden.


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