It’s always a little intimidating to try something new. It’s that tingly feeling of excitement mixed with the uncertainty of the outcome. But then, once you make a commitment to take ACTION… everything changes.

Today I’m sharing an incredible story from a trip I took to Italy many years ago. I set my heart on experiencing one magical destination and when it looked like my hopes had been dashed, I decided to GO FOR IT. It was awesome…

So, what have you been longing to do? What have you been secreting wishing for? What big leap of faith, commitment, investment and effort have you been poised to take action on, but haven’t yet made the move? We are dancing on this planet for a finite time, so let today be the today you say YES instead of maybe. Let today be the day you take action on your dreams.

Bravery pays off. You will experience the world in an entirely new way.

Enjoy my tale of adventure. It changed my life and I was never the same again.

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