On Thursday I will be testing for my yellow belt in karate. After watching my boys head to the dojo (karate studio) two days a week for about a year, I was amazed by the impact their karate practice was having in their life. Focus, concentration, respect for themselves and others… It was too good to be true! When our Sensei announced he was starting an adult class I jumped at the chance to join.

From the moment I donned my karate gi (white uniform), I was a total beginner. No preconceived notions of how to punch or kick, no understanding of the history of the practice, no real comfort level practicing with black belts. In other words, I was a total newbie and it was wildly liberating!

Every time I practice, I get to leave my other world behind and immerse myself in an entirely new world, led by a trusted guide. In today’s video I share exactly how you can cultivate that beginner’s mind in any endeavor you choose.

How often do we beat ourselves up thinking we should know how to do this or that, or should be able to accomplish this goal in a certain period of time, or should look like a pro when we feel like we don’t really know what we’re doing?

When you have a beginner’s mind you embrace the unknown and release your judgement. Here’s to finding your dojo, people.

So, what about you? In the comments below share ONE THING you can explore this week that you’ve been secretly hoping to try. Can you challenge yourself to dip your toe into the possibility that you can actually do it? Give it a go!


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