The experience of “beginning” anything new can be so intimidating – we all want to look good, so we love doing things that we’re good at. 

As soon as you start doing something you’re not good at (yet!), and you’re vulnerable to being judged, it’s a whole different world. But it’s also a profound opportunity to RELAX.

I have two little boys, and I decided to try karate with them – but I know *nothing* about karate. So in a way, that was really liberating – I had no preconceived notions of what I’m supposed to be doing, and I totally gave myself over to the instructor. I listened and followed, and I trusted the guide – and then I saw myself get stronger and learn. 

You see if you walk into any situation thinking “I should be good at this” in some way – the energy you spend on that internal chatter is going to drain you of the energy that you NEED to actually learn and grow.  

And here’s the really cool part: every time you’re in a situation where you’re a total beginner, you strengthen the muscle called “being a beginner.” You’ll get the benefit of learning the new skill, and sure, that’s exciting – but more exciting is knowing yourself as someone who can fully dive into new situations with a beginner’s mind, with a humble willingness to learn and evolve from the ground up.

It might not be karate – but you should find your dojo, and be liberated to learn without judgment because that experience will keep your inner child alive. 

What could you start learning now that you’ve been afraid to fail at? Where could you just go be a beginner, with a willingness to learn, and get some of that childlike joy and discovery really going? 

Choose to begin something – a sense of curiosity and fun is all you really need. 

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