I hope this note finds you happy, healthy and safe. The terrorist activities in both Beirut and Paris has left the world shaken. It’s a crazy time, and yet, we have a choice about where we put our energy, our focus and our actions.

As you may know, I film my videos well in advance of actually posting them, so you may sense a light-hearted tone as I share the secret to changing the way you perceive the world (and how the world perceives you!), but this post couldn’t be more perfect as we face these recent tragedies.

Change begins inside each one of us and if we can shift the way we think and act, even just a little bit, we will be happier, more confident, and far more capable of facing challenges with strength, clarity and commitment.

Today’s video is about the single greatest rule ever created. If everyone truly understood it’s power, everyone would end up a winner.

The world needs us…Now more than ever. Keep shining your light.


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