I had the sincere pleasure of meeting Cheryl Hunter (http://www.cherylhunter.com) for the first time last week. A few nights earlier, I watched the unbelievable story she shared at a TEDx conference in Santa Monica in May. Her honesty, clarity, compassion and grace literally took my breath away. When I heard her story, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach.

On the outside, she looks like a classic all American blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty. She radiates wisdom and elegance. You could jump to the conclusion that her “journey” has been a charmed one.  As a successful author, coach, and speaker she has indeed created a fulfilling life, but she has done so through unbelievable courage and strength. Let me preface this video by saying that it is a difficult story to hear. When watching, I sat stunned by the horror that she experienced, but in the same moment I was in absolute AWE by the fortitude of her spirit. She turned her pain into a path of personal awakening. Everyone has a story. Everyone has pitfalls and challenges. Everyone has the ability to choose how they deal with life’s hurdles. I applaud Cheryl for teaching others to embrace their imperfections. She is a living example. Watch her story and embrace all that you are.


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